Friday, 26 October 2018

DT Project after half-term

Firstly I would like to start by thanking you all for taking the time to come and see me for parents evening, I've never had such a full turn out for parents evening and manged to share such brilliant work for the beginning of Year One. I can't wait to show you the growth they have made at the next parents' evening.
Hopefully now I will have a better idea at collection times who is coming for who. 😊

⛪Geography/DT Project🏠
I'm sure you have been informed by your children, but just to make sure the message has been passed on with enough detail I thought I would add something on here about it.

So we've all made plans like this:
They should know what things they will need for their house. But what most have them have included in their plan is a box for the main shell, extra cardboard for the roof. Plastic yoghurt pots or cups for the windows. Pretty much a raid on the recycling bin. You've got the whole of the half-term to get collecting and then we will start building on Tuesday afternoon. Any extra masking tape would be massively helpful and reduce arguments over using the limited supply of tape we have in school. 🙏

I've found some maths pictures on my ipad from this week and last, where we have been looking at numbers and comparing numbers.

Here we're trying to find different ways to represent a number.

 "I found 2 dots on a dice."
 "I have a number 2 card."

 "This guy has 2 legs and 2 arms."
 "The moth has 2 wings"
 "I've got 2 big cats."
 "I made 9p, using 4 2p coins and a 1p coin."
 "I've got a number 9 card."
 "I collected 9 colouring pencils."

 "I made a tower of 9 cubes."

 "I've got 2 dice."

Then we drew the different things we found to show amounts.

This week in English we have been looking at the story Where's My Teddy By Jez Alborough
Image result for where's my teddy
We discussed the different emotions the characters felt throughout the story. We've drawn up a story board - with captions and speech bubbles. Then we made puppets and performed the story using the puppets and a narrator to read the 'captions' part of the story.

Here are some of the shows we did (sorry about the sound quality, the ipads seem to pick up the background noise better than what I want it to):



4 - Updating soon when I have enough of a daily quota avaliable...

Friday, 19 October 2018

Our trip to the park AND MATHS HOMEWORK

We had a marvellous trip to the park a few weeks ago, which has resulted in inspiring some beautiful writing. I thought it would be nice to share the photos with you. 

"That's my house!!!" - won't be named for obvious reasons.

On the way we pointed out the road signs on our route, 

"Look it's that T symbol that means this road is a dead end." - Max E

We arrived at the park!!!

Then we looked at the big oak tree and the scattering of acorns underneath.

First I went on the swings.

Then I zoomed down the slide.

 I climbed across the net.

After I pushed ..... on the swings. 

 I played on the rocking tractor with ..... .

I rocked on the rocking rabbit. 

Next I went  down the slide backwards

 Second I went on the swing.

I got really dizzy on the roundabout.
 I played on the See Saw with .... .

 I slid down the fireman pole.

Finally we set off back to school, Miss Roberts must be wondering where we are.

So we got back to school and for the week afterwards we set to work on creating our Class One display. We linked our learning to our Geography topic of our local area, fitting in paintings of houses with odd and even door numbers, the road signs we saw on our trip, labelled maps, pictures with captions and finally our recounts about the trip to show off how superb we are at writing already!

Class Book
Image result for the magic finger 
This week Miss Allard kindly let us borrow her copy of The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. We are trying to start reading some longer chapter books as our class book. Some children had already read it which was nice to know, but its always good to read some stories more than once and even nicer when someone else is reading it to you. 
We really enjoyed the story, so we discussed what we thought of it, producing a review. 

"It was a good story." - Alex

"I liked when they made the nest." - Deni

"My favourite bit was when she turned the Greggs into birds." - Noah

"My favourite part was when dad smashed up the guns." - Izabelle

"I liked it when the ducks pointed the gun at the Greggs,
see how they like it. Or should we say Mr Egg" - Jemima

Homework this week
Chopper Squad - Click on the picture to access the game Chopper Squad. Have a go at finding one more and one less up to 20.
 Chopper Squad

Hop one more - Give your child a challenge
"hop 5 five times" *hop hop hop hop hop*
"Now hop 5 times and 1 more" * hop hop hop hop hop hop*
"How many was that?"

"This time clap 8 times" *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*
"Can you clap 1 time less this time?" *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*
"How many is it now?"

And so on. Other actions; go up stairs, click fingers, jump, blink your eyes, say the letter t, drop coins in a jar, eat beans, draw flowers.

Fish table!!!!