Monday, 20 October 2014

Black History Assembly

Black History Month
For black history month, each class has learnt about a person and presented it to the rest of the school.
Today Year 1children stood up in front of the school and told them about Ruby Bridges.

A long time ago black children and white children couldn't go to the same school.  In 1960, The United States Government said, 'Segregation is wrong'. Ruby Bridges was a very brave 6 year old that went to a white school despite having to be escorted to school by the police each day. She was instrumental in making it possible for black and white children to go to the same school.

The children all learnt their words by heart and they spoke in lovely loud voices. Well done Year 1!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Maths 19th October

The children worked on comparing length, weight and capacity in Maths last week. They  used some really good mathematical language. They decided which lengths were longer or shorter, which weights were lighter or heavier and which containers held the most or least. They have begun to explain their thinking behind their estimates and explain how to find out if their estimate is correct.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

14th October Local walk looking for signs of Autumn

                                                                   Seasonal changes
We were very fortunate that the rain held off for our walk today. We went in search of signs of Autumn. The children were very good at spotting different things of interest. One child found a pinky coloured fungi under a bush. Another child found a fungi which seemed to be the children's favourite, because they thought it looked like a toilet brush!
The children looked carefully and used their observational skills.

                                                        We finally found a conker!

                                  The children were very good at showing us what they found!

               We found many different coloured leaves and saw the leaves falling from the trees.
We thought it wouldn't be long before all the leaves have fallen off the trees!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thursday 9th October Reading with Year 2

Reading with Year 2
This afternoon the children went to read with a partner in Year 2. The children shared their books with each other and had a lovely reading experience.

At the end of the session we all watched a story being told on the website We watched a different version of the Little Red Hen , which is the story we have been working on in English this week.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wednesday 8th October Maths

The children have been naming, describing and making shapes.

The children made a variety of shapes using straws and playdough. They had to think about how many sides the shape has got and how long the sides should be.

This is a trapezium!

The children played a game, which involved one child describing the shape and the other child guessing which shape they were describing.

The children did the same activity using 3D shapes.
Do ask the children to look out for shapes at home so that they keep practising naming different shapes. If they can name shapes ask them how they know. This should help them to develop their skills in describing shapes too.
The children learny that doubling is starting with a number and adding the same numbr to it. We use the + sign when we record the number sentence.
we used ladybirds, cubes and numicon.