Friday, 30 January 2015

Castles 30th January


Our Castle D&T project is slowly developing.
We have covered the junk modelling with paper mache and some of the groups have been painting their castle. 

Visit to St Leonards church 29th January

We would like to say thank you to Mrs Hull for kindly organizing a visit to St Leonard's church to meet the RE curriculum objectives.

As part of our RE we were lucky to be able to go to the church to baptize a dolly. We learnt about how Christians welcome a baby into their family and the children played the role of parents and god-parents.
Before we went to the church we did a lesson on how important faith is to people and the children thought of questions they would like answered by Mr Peter Crumpler, the curate of St Leonard's. Mr Crumpler was able to answer all the children's questions.
Mrs Hull

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Toys of the past 27th January 2015

Toys of the past

Thank you to parents that have allowed their children to bring in their old toys to show us. We have been interested to look at them and learn from them. The children are welcome to bring in old toys this week to show us,  if they haven't already done so. 

Here are a few! We have also seen a metal fire engine and a hand carved wooden rhinoceros.

Castles 26th January

The children have designed and begun their D & T project to make a castle, which links to our topic of Queen Victoria. It is in the early stages. We will show you how they progress!

Peg dolls Wednesday 21st January 2015

The children have had a great start to the term. They have been enthusiastic to learn about Queen Victoria and toys of the past.

Last week they made peg dolls as it was a toy from the Victorian times.