Tuesday, 27 February 2018

World Book Day

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As you know next week will be world book week. In the classroom we will be getting up to lots of fun activities to do with reading and writing. But the fun doesn't stop at 3:10pm because you can check out a variety of fun and exciting audiobooks and videos of stories. We will be having a sneak preview of these:

The Hueys in the New Jumper by Oliver Jeffers

Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman

Hugless Douglas by David Melling

Here are some more to get your teeth into:

Winnie the Witch: Winnie and Wilbur by Valerie Thomas

Five Minutes’ Peace by Jill Murphy
Where Are You Blue Kangaroo? by Emma Chichester Clarke
My Family is a Zoo by KA Gerrard
The Tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr

REMINDER - Thursday is dress up day!

Friday, 2 February 2018

History Holiday Homework

05.02.18 - History homework - Due 22.02.18
I was worried you’d be feeling lost without school for a whole week. To keep you busy during the holidays, why not do some research about one of our Kings or Queens.
We have been learning about e-safety so it may be an idea to do some of your research online.

Some ideas of things to find out:
· When they were alive.
· When they reigned.
· A picture of them.
· Any interesting facts about them.
· Who was King or Queen before them.
· Do you think they were a good or bad monarch

Large Gold Cup Man 12cm (4.75")

On Friday 9th February Year One will proudly be wearing their own clothes because we had the best attendance
in the WHOLE SCHOOL for the WHOLE MONTH!!!

 Well done! I've really noticed the change in attendance and punctuality, so super duper job. I'm very happy! I even did a little celebration when the news was announced. 

Here's some links I've found that may be of use. I haven't fully checked them over, so remember year 1 to be aware and to kiss goodbye any pages you don't like or any adverts you think you shouldn't be looking at :) 




Good luck my e-safety crew!!!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Maths Week and 3 bottles of Ketchup

Maths Week

What an exciting week at school we have had. We've been revisiting all the skills we have learnt this year so far and applying to the theme of a fun fair. We used our counting in multiples skills to find out the scores of children who played hook a duck, whack a rat and coconut shy.

 Counting in 2s to find out how many points they won.

Counting in 10s to find out how many points they won. 

Counting in 5s to find out how many points they won.

We designed our own funfair using positional language to inform the perfect placement of the  attractions.

See if you can have a go at this one at home. 

Maths week came to a climax on Thursday when Miss Pratchett hosted the Sandridge School Maths Fun Fair. 

 The Year 6s helped us to total scores when playing darts.

Crazy Golf - place the tennis ball into an arch way to score points. Here's a video of it being expertly done. 10 points for year 1!!!

Speedway - How far can you make the car travel, the further it travels the more points you earn.

Bean Bag Toss - The closer the hoop, the lower the score, aim for the furthest and smallest hoop; score more!

Hoopla - throw the coit? coyt? Googled it = Quoits. 
Image result for quoit
Well that doesn't make sense phonetically at all. Throw the quoit onto the bottles to gain the points written on them.

9 points for Year 1!!!


Previously in maths we were looking at place value, how number lines work.

We can compare different lengths using scaffolded sentences such as
____ is shorter than ____.  ____ is longer than ____. 
We also know length is measuring in cm.

We can compare different weights using scaffolded sentences such as
____ is lighter than ____.  ____ is heavier than ____.

"The pencil pot is lighter."

"The scissors are lighter"

"The 100g weight is heavier than the scissors"

 "These crayons are lighter."

"Jigsaw jack weighs less than this thing."

"The rubbers are lighter."

"I think even if we had 10 rubbers, they wouldn't be as heavy as the weight."

"We found something that weighs the same."

We kept the fun of maths week rolling by having a Queen related mystery/problem solving. Someone has been messing with the Queen. But it's OK, Year 1 have been on the case to solve the problems she's been having this week.

First a jewel from her crown goes missing.

Then someone had the cheek to steal her favorite corgi!!! 

 I wonder what will happen to her next week... maybe something to do with capacity... Just a guess, but what would I know.

To celebrate maths week we conducted a science investigation  To link to our science topic of materials we tested the viscosity of different brands of ketchup. Is value ketchup just as good as the big names? Is posh ketchup over priced or worth it? 

First we gathered everything we knew about ketchup, using our best scientific vocabulary.

Then after observing the ketchup we made a prediction into which ketchup would be the best for coating a chip. Heinz was a very popular choice as it's what we know, and surely someone who has been making the same sauce since 1869 (other brands of tomato sauce are avaliable.)

We thought about variables, all the things we could be testing and to make it a fair test by only changing one variable. We decided we should squirt the sauce onto the same surface, it wouldn't be fair to expect one to roll down a vertical board, while another has to blob down Adam R's trouser leg, so the first variable we kept the same was the surface.
Then we had a chat about the amount of sauce. If we put a gallon of ketchup out for one and just a tiny flick for another that wouldn't be fair, so the second variable we kept the same was the capacity of ketchup. Then the final variable we would leave alone was the length of time we keep them vertical for, the same amount of time, we agreed on one minute. Leaving only the brand of ketchup to change.

Shall we get on with it now.

 First we tested the popular Heinz sauce, which traveled 11 cubes.
 Then the cheap stuff traveled 10 cubes.
 Then the posh stuff also traveled 10 cubes.
It was a shock to all of us how they performed, well apart from the 4 children in the class who had faith in the cheap ketchup from the start.

Just to be sure we had done it correctly, we had a race, all three sauces at the same time. Heinz still a lot more watery than the other 2, but this time it showed the posh ketchup given a longer time could be almost as fluid.

 Then just to be sure we tested them in the correct context. Miss Morris saved a chip from her school dinner and with the help of the children dipped a chip in each.

We had differing opinions again when it came to which looked the most appetizing with 4 children of the class voting for Heinz, 6 chose the cheap ketchup and the remaining 17 liked the look of the posh ketchup most.

We wrote up the investigation using a fancy new format.

 By Noah

 I love the reason why the cheap ketchup was the best in this one, gloopy, such a great way to describe some thick liquid.
 By Elsie
 Absolutely, if it didn't travel down the board, it won't travel off a chip and stain your t shirt.
By Jennie


In music lessons we've been learning about keeping in time to the beat, recognising different volumes, differentiating between high or low pitch sounds. Here's a demonstration of a beat pattern that sounds like this

This week we enjoyed listening to some performances of music. Some bizarre renditions of pop music, by a band called Walk off the Earth.

We had quite an interesting discussion about the different sounds we could hear - Were they high pitch or low pitch? Where was that particular sound coming from? How had they made that sound? 
We even had a go at listening out for the beats, and wrote out the pattern it made then performed by patting out legs, clicking and clapping. Then we lost out minds at the cymbal playing, you'll see.

Shape of you - watch out 3.06. AWESOME!!!


We've been very fortunate to have an external coach in to teach us gymnastics. We have been making progress towards our gymnastics badges. To achieve a bronze we need to be able to perform:

  • A log roll
  • A pencil jump
  • Bent knees when landing
  • A base balance held for 3 seconds
  • A point balance held for 3 seconds

Can you spot anyone demonstrating these skills?

Art & DT

As part of our DT unit, we are making strong structures, so we had some exploration time to find out what would be the best building material.


We learnt about the queens crown, and all the different types of jewelry in the Tower of London. Then made some crowns of our own.



12.01.18 - Keenan & Adam R
19.01.18 - Jasmine & Isla
26.01.18 - Lily & Aaron
02.02.18 - Millie & Jennie


12.01.18 - Lucia
19.01.18 - Alyssa
26.01.18 - Hooriya
02.02.18 - Jack


12.01.18 - Nathaniel
19.01.18 - Nathan
26.01.18 - Noah
02.02.18 - Lucia

Star Writer

12.01.18 -  Adam A

19.01.18 - Erin

26.01.18 - Kaysie

New Displays

Our new SPaG Super Heroes!!!

By Erin

 By Eesah

 By Hugh

 By Alyssa

 By Keenan

By Safiyah

By Nathaniel

 By Jasmine

 By Lucia

By Miss Morris 
(comments produced by the children)

Mistake Monster
A new guest to our room, the Mistake Monster. To chew up our mistakes so we don't have to worry about them anymore. But gives us a good opportunity to learn from other people's mistakes.