Monday, 12 June 2017

Crafty Year Ones

As part of our English topic on explanation texts we made pom poms. 

They are very fiddling but the end products were worth all the struggle. Some super hero parents came to the rescue to help out. 

Now we've moved back onto Traditional tales, focusing on Rumpelstiltskin. We watched a video of someone telling the story and noticed she made lots of animated actions which helped us with joining in with the story. We then made up some of our own actions to help us retell the story. 
Here's our version:
Next we're going to start planning our own version of Rumpelstiltskin (where we change the name for a starter).

In maths we have revisited data handling. we still remember how to make tally charts and now can put everything we've learnt into one lesson. We can convert raw data into a tally, put it into a block graph and then answer questions about the data. 

 Some children even started to draw their own block graphs, which is quite complex when you need to think about how tall it needs to be, which is the most popular flavour? then that's how tall. I need to hold my ruler firmly so it doesn't go wiggly. How wide does it need to be, how many flavours were there?   

These skills of converting raw data into tally charts and making our own block graphs will come in handy over this half term when we start to measure the amount of sunlight in science as part of our next unit.

We've moved onto seasonal change again. Last time we looked at the seasons it was changing from beautiful coloured leaves and berries to bleak, sad deciduous trees. Now the trees are full of leaves, the birds are singing and the sun is shining. What better way to double check that Summer is finally on its way than to go outside and enjoy the weather, looking for all the clues that it's changed seasons.

"I found a flower! It's Summmerrrrrrrrr!!!"

"Look at the potatoes we planted!" Toby.

"We planted these other plants in gardening club." Oliver.

"I think I can see a nest up in that tree, the baby chicks will have gone by now." Donny-Lee.

"Miss Morris I can't find any daffodils." Erin
"Is it a trick question? Daffodils are all dead now, they're a sign of Spring." Elizabeth

Miss Moore came along to the lesson to see how much we know in Year One and was blown away by the types of discussions we have on the carpet. We have such a rich scientific vocabulary and thirst for knowledge. She was very jealous of all the keen scientists I have in my class. 

Design Technology
We are learning how to sew with Mrs Pearcy. I popped in to see how it was going and was told they discussed the different tools needed for the job; "thin needles are good at going through tough materials with small holes but fatter needles are easier to thread" said Emily. Lacey added"Wool won't go through the tiny hole of the thin needle." They started by sewing in straight lines then started to make their own design of doing the letters in their name.

These skills will be developed this half term and will come in handy when they make books marks over the next few weeks. 

I'm sure I'm not the only person who looks forward to Fridays, but my reason is that we have computing last thing on a Friday and we've been creating instructions and debugging code on Scratch Jr. They know how to make their sprite move and at different speeds, get bigger and smaller and disappear altogether.
Over the past few weeks we've been looking at different queues for their script to start running and different ways to make the program repeat.

We've had dancing frogs with customised looks. 

Floating spacemen landing in spaceships on the moon.
 A multitude of sea creatures swimming across the screen.
 Even a wizard sneezing.
This app is such a great tool to start teaching them how to code and there are some children in the class with real potential. They can explore their creativity and problem solve to get the effect they had planed in their head.   


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