Friday, 18 May 2018

Mathematical kind of week

Bee bots
In the morning we learnt how to input instructions into a bee bot. We used the 4 directional buttons to tell it to go to different places on a grid. but Miss Morris didn't take any pictures of this because she was sooo engrossed working with a group debugging algorithms to make them work, so the bee bot could get to the intended destination.

If you've never seen one before, they look like this

Ask us what the different buttons are for. Does the right arrow move it right? What should you press before you put in your instructions? What do I press to make it do the instructions? 

There is also a bee bot game you can get on tablets and mobiles which works in the same way as a bee bot, using an algorithm to get to a desired location.

Bee bot number line
First we marked out a number line, using the bee bot as our unit of measurement. Each step forward it made, we made a line to mark "3 bee bots long." Then once we had the hang of that, Miss Morris set the task of finding the length/value of the mystery line.

Then afterwards we used our number lines to solve some addition and subtraction problems, just like we've been doing in maths this week. We worked as a team to solve each question taking it in turns to to input the correct algorithm to find an answer.

"I put the bee bot on 20, then made it move backwards 7 steps."
"The answer is 13." 

"I'm recording the answers for my team."

"but number bonds to 20 say 16 and 7 isn't right..."

"Mine is doing a biiiig jump of 10 from 16."

"If i make it go back it's a subtraction"

Friday morning we had a go on the app in our royal wedding clothes.

Multiplying by 2, finding groups of 2.

We used unifix that were put into pairs to physically understand the "groups of" "lots of" "times"  concept when we're multiplying. multiplying by 2 was easy peasey because we've been doing lots of counting in 2s in school at at home. 

We then used these skills to help us write multiplication sentences, draw pictorial representations and draw extremely neat arrays (we're getting ready for Year 2 you see, when you're in Year 2 your writing has to be neat and so do your numbers).

This week we got out onto the field to have a go on the high jump mat. The key tips they were given to land on their back/bottom, not touch the red cones and run around the outside of the yellow cones.

Noah was our photographer for this session, he got into the action and took some wonderful pictures I'm sure you'll agree. 

Cracking throw.

Relay races

Here's a great transfer of weight, a great pull back and twist for the release. perfect!

Look at that leading arm, beautiful.

and some videos too. 
High jump: 1 2 3

Even a time lapse.

Royal Wedding Day
Today we had a red, white and blue day to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding. Everyone looks marvelous!
We even had the happy couple join us during assembly. How lucky are we! Have a peek at the newsletter for more on this.


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