Monday, 23 July 2018

learning and fun this term

Investigating shadows in science

Something we're really good at in Year 1 this year is we can talk about our thinking. We talk more than we write things down. I think this is much more valuable to their learning. we get to ask the real questions like "Why can't we feel the Earth spinning or moving?", "Where do the shadows go when It's cloudy?", "If the moon shines, why does half of it turn off?". We discuss so much an most of the time I don't have to answer them. 
I turned the lights off, borrowed the tourches from Miss Pratchet and had a go at making our own shadows. We agreed a plastic water bottles would be rubbish to make shadows with "because the light gets through it". so we used playdough instead to see if we could change the size, the shape and the length of shadows.
We found out,
"If you shine the light from on top, you get a small shadow."
"Just like lunchtime."
"If you shine it from far away, the shadow is teeny weeny."
But "if you go closer its huuuuge."

This little scientists told me the table must not be see through, I mean opaque, because the light doesnt go through it. It's like a massive shadow maker.

PE with Seb, we've been sharpening our cricket skills.

Miss Allard came to share a story with us on Friday. That was nice.

fun on the field

what better way to cool down than to play water games. 

Thursday, 19 July 2018

For Monday 23/07/18

On Monday Mrs Ivory would like to do some rock painting. I've informed the children, but if the message didn't make it home could you please bring in a stone? We can make some #SandridgeRocks rocks.

We will watch a movie Tuesday morning, I'll get some popcorn.

Friday, 13 July 2018


Art & Design
We started off our sewing adventure by discussing different hair types and how we could recreate these using different materials. Such as wool, cotton fabric and felt.

We added hair to pictures of children trying to make straight long hair.

Short curly hair.

Some even moved onto plaiting wool to make different hair styles.

Then things got a bit more technical. We learnt how to thread needles. Lick and twist.

"I can't do it."
Oh yes you can!

We investigated different ways to attach material and other objects to fabric. They used glue, staples, knotting and some sewing too.

After looking at our shape faces and its features, using mirrors, we started to design our fabric faces.

After many pricked fingers, fiddly bead threading, finding out that buttons don't stick to fabric with pva glue and re-threading needles again and again and again and again and again and again and again. We finished our creations, they turned out marvelously! I was so impressed with how well the class worked mostly independently and helped each other to make their faces.

Miss Morris had a go too, (for demonstration purposes of course).

I really liked my hair, because it looks just as messy as it is in real life. However something that i wanted to improve was my eyes, they looked a bit creepy and wide. So I improved it by adding eyelids and eyelashes.

Just a little bonus. We wrote different versions of the very hungry caterpillar. We had hungry lions, meerkats, a peacock, a unicorn or two, a T-rex and a tortoise. Hooriya wrote a lovely story in her book. As she had finished early, re-read it and made edits I said she could type it up. This is where she got up to.

 Once upon a time there was a long giraffe. Her name was Rose . One day she sor some jucy frute.