Friday, 23 March 2018

Money game (homework)

Sorry this is late, Jennie reminded me on Wednesday night but I totally forgot. Ooops!

Piggy Bank - Recognising coins and sorting them into different groups. You can also have a go at seeing how much money is in the piggy bank.

toy shop - If you have a go at the mixed coins giving the exact money to pay for different items.

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Till we meet - This is a much harder game, where you have to work out the change for customers. it would be good practice for number bonds to 20. A good thing about this is you can set the difficulty to meet the needs of your child. 


Next week there won't be homework set in their purple books, but what I will do is for over Easter, I'll send out some packs for the phonics screening to have a read through with you children over the holidays. We have been doing work on this in school, but it may be reassuring for some children to have extra practice with alien words.

Friday, 9 March 2018

3D shapes and a video dump

We have recapped what a 2D shape is and what they are called. Some know a pentagon with its 5 sides, a hexagon because it has six sides and six has an x in it, an octogon because Miss Morris drew 8 octopus legs on it.

The we moved onto 3D shapes, we made them with play dough.

"A round sphere"

"It's a sphere"

"I DID IT!!! I made a cone."

"My cube has 6 faces."

"look at my cone Miss Morris"

"I put a sphere on my cone to make an ice cream." *lick lick lick* "Ew this ice cream is really salty"

"I think I made a pyramid."

"It's supposed to be a triangular prism."

Then built grand castles using 3D shapes. Just one rule, you can only pick up the shape if you say its name of it first.

Here is a song you may have heard before, I think they used it for their sharing assembly last year, but here it is again. 3D shapes that I know.

Now that the weather is starting to represent the season that we are in better now we have moved on to looking at Spring. Miss Morris loves a good Youtube video of songs to help us learn new things. After turning out something about the seasons we decided to make our own. 

In the Winter it is snowy
In the Winter we wrap up warm
All of the Seasons, all year long
Winter, Spring, Summer Autumn

In the Spring it is rainy
In the Spring the Flowers will grow
All of the Seasons, all year long
Winter, Spring, Summer Autumn

In the Summer it is sunny
In the Summer we eat ice cream
All of the Seasons, all year long
Winter, Spring, Summer Autumn

In the Autumn it is windy
In the Autumn the leaves fall down
All of the Seasons, all year long
Winter, Spring, Summer Autumn

To the tune of Humpty Dumpty.

World Book Day Interviews
Peter Pan     Matilda     Stick Man     Cat in a Hat      Elsa      Indian Princess

These are some older videos I found on my ipad of when we were doing music lessons in the classroom before half term. In this session we were looking at how our phonics sounds could help us to beatbox.
1 - s c s c s c s c
2 - p ch ch p ch ch p ch ch
3 - A little bit of a dance tune! mixing in all sorts of sounds. 

And some other fun videos

Before the snow became too heavy this is what we did - SNOW




Hugh Dixon

Star Writer

by Kye Mair

Prodigy Login change

Just an update with Prodigy, for those who play over the weekends.

To make things easier for when you login into prodigy, I have changed the password for everyone to year1. All lower case. The usernames have stayed the same, incase you have misplaced your username it is here:

The link to login is here: prodigy game

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

World book week

During world book week, Sandridge School focused on books by Anthony Browne
Image result for anthony browne  Related image   Image result for anthony browne   Image result for anthony browne book covers   Image result for anthony browne book covers   Image result for anthony browne book covers

In Class One (with the help of our new student teacher Miss Davies) we looked at the book Willy the dreamer:

Image result for anthony browne book covers

We've done some great writing and paintings related to the story. 

We drew pictures of the character we were on WBD so that we could celebrate 20 years of World Book Day. Can you guess which characters we are?

In PE we were treated to a gymnastics lesson on the apparatus. We played a game of the floor is lava and travelled around the room without touching the floor. We had to think about where our hands and feet would go, risk assessment; is it too high? do I feel safe? Is there a safer way to get down? Is there a different way around?  

There were some children who were challenged by going up high and decided to take a route closer to the ground. But by the end of the lesson grew in confidence and attempted harder challenges. 

Sit up forfeit for touching the floor.

Thank you for all of your hard work over the 3 weeks to complete your history projects on a monarch of your choice. 

We had a lovely time feeding these back to each other in a sharing session where one half of the class became History Experts and shared what they had found out with others, and the other half became History Hunters; hungry for history facts and magpied interesting things about the Kings and Queens on offer. Afterwards we shared what the History Hunters had found out that day. 

For D&T we designed and made our own animals out of fruit. 

We labelled it with the fruit we would need. So that when it came to collecting all of the ingredients we needed we would know.

Miss Morris' monkey

We had a week looking at days of the week, months of the year and how time is measured. How many units of time can you think of? Scroll down for a few ideas.

seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries....
Did you think of any of these?

Elsie & Lily (23.2.18)
Alyssa & Lucia (2.3.18)

Ottie (23.2.18)

Nathaniel (23.2.18)
 Erin (2.3.18)

Instructions for making a fruit bat

by Adam R

Instructions for making a fruit cat
By Leila