Monday, 17 October 2016

In Maths this week we have been focusing on 2D shapes. recognising the different shapes, finding 2D shapes in everyday objects, naming shapes and making pictures out of shapes.

In dance we learned a new routine, the Macarena. This fits in nicely with our topic of line dancing as the routine has simple movements, that have to be syncronised with the other people in our line and involves rotating to do the dance in different directions.

Then we learnt a weekend favourite, Saturday night. This more up tempo routine challenged the children to listen to the music and keep to the beat.


Would you look at our beans! They have shot up!


Ethan and Zacarrie (07.10.16)
Phoenix and Olivia (14.10.16)

Neat Presentation 
Edward (07.10.16)
Sophie (14.10.16)

Star Writer 
Erin (07.10.16)
Donny-Lee (14.10.16)

By Erin

By Donny-Lee

I would also like to hand out a certificate to all of you parents, for trying your hardest to read with your children. It makes such a massive impact to their learning and I'm so pleased that you're as serious about your child's learning as we are in Class One.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Jam sandwiches and 10 heads?

We've been reading the little red hen all in preparation for writing a sequel, the little red hen 2. To help with our planning we had to make jam sandwiches.

We cut the bread

Spread the jam

Caught you red handed having a sneaky off cut of bread.

Then the best bit eating the sandwich

The children have been learning about the artist David Hockney. They tried to recreate his cubism style. 

The children took lots of pictures using the ipads from different angles of each other.

Then they cut the pictures up, I think they turned out wonderfully. Here are some examples.  

The bean plants are coming along nicely, it would be nicer if a few more would wake up and pop out of the soil...

So along with our weekly observation of the plants we have been looking at garden plants. Identifying a few flowers and giving responses about them.

In RE we have been learning about Harvest and how to appreciate nature. Sukkot is a feast Jewish people celebrate to be thankful to God for the natural world. We did this by having our own feast.

In maths we have been making 5 and 10 in different ways. trying to be practical and working mathematically. 

In computing we are working on the basics; turning on the laptop, using a keyboard, using a mouse and logging in. We used some maths games to practice using the left and right click of the track pads on the laptop.

Bella and Kenny (23.09.16)
William and Summer (30.09.16)

Neat Presentation 
Chloe (23.09.16)
Scarlet O (30.09.16)

Star Writer 
Elizabeth (23.09.16)
Isla (20.09.16)

By Elizabeth

By Isla