Tuesday, 12 November 2013

11th November 2013

                                                   Hello from Year 1

Children in class 1 have settled down into their new class well. They have adapted to the changes in the curriculum and structure of the day. They have been very busy!

Our topic has been 'Ourselves and home'. The children painted a self-portrait. They thought about the shape  of their faces and the colour of their eye and hair.

Self portrait display

                                              Do you recognise any of these children?

This work fed into our science as we set up a couple of surveys to find out which was the most common hair  and eye colour in class 1.

The children made themselves into a graph. They could answer questions about the most common eye and hair colour based on what they could see.

The children particularly enjoyed the shape lessons in maths. They described and made their own 2D shapes.

We incorporated maths into our PE lesson. 

Purpose for writing
We have a new friend Ted who has joined our class. He has already enjoyed visiting some of the children's houses. The children have enjoyed coming into school and reading out his diary to us all. Ted's diary is really giving the children a purpose for writing. We look forward to hearing all about the different adventures Ted goes on.
                                                    Ted watching the children work!

We were pleased to see some of the parents at the Harvest festival, where we showed our boat paintings.

This half term our topic will be 'light and celebrations.' We will be preparing for the Christmas play which we hope you will come along and watch.


The children learnt about how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Diwali and they created their own chalk Rangoli patterns.