Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming event...

Tomorrow we are filming audiobooks of our lost teddy stories, read by the authors, the children.

We will be focusing on

  • Pausing at full stops.
  • Changing the pitch of our voices.
  • Reading at a sensible pace.
  • Making sure the volume of our voices is turned up. (The microphones on the ipads aren't the best)

Friday, 27 January 2017



In maths this week we have been looking at number and shape patterns. We got hands on and made patterns using all sorts of equipment. Have a look at some of the patterns we made. Can you work out where it repeats?

"My pattern is clever because it has 7 bits to it to repeat."


Knuffle Bunny
We've really enjoyed reading this story. It demonstrates emotions about something we can relate to. How would you feel if your favourite teddy went for a wander without you. 

Watch the video to be as caught up on the story as we are.
Click the picture to watch a video of the story.

We had a great teddy day where we brought our own teddies in for a cuddle and share stories about them.

Each child had to introduce their teddy. 
Chloe told us "My bunny is called..... I like her because she is soft and cuddly."
Molly introduced her dog teddy and said, "when I'm sad I can cuddle it."

We all posed with our teddies so that we will feature in our own story of when our own teddy goes missing.

Our topic of materials is coming along nicely. Test your child on, What is a material? What is a property? We have been watching some "How it's made" videos which are fascinating! So far we've found out that lego bricks are made of plastic and skateboards made of lots of layers of wood. 

We've started gymnastics inside on a Monday, looking at making shapes with our bodies and basic rolls and balances. On Friday we are outside in the cold doing hockey, so make sure that a warm pair of trousers are packed in PE kits. I'll try to get some pictures of these lessons next week. 

Elizabeth & Kenny (25.11.16)
Phoenix & Summer (02.12.16)
Mehde & James (20.12.16)
Mehde & Emily (13.01.17)
Isla & Small One (20.01.17)
Elizabeth & Ella (27.01.17)

Neat Presentation
Theo (25.11.16)
 Ella (02.12.16)
  Scarlet O (20.12.16)
Toby (13.01.17)
Scarlet O (20.01.17)
Molly (27.01.17)

Star Writer
William (25.11.16)
William wrote a story in the style of a bear hunt, but mixed in wizards and dragons and lava and monsters. It was smashing.

We're Going on a dragon Hunt (02.12.16)
By Lucia

A way back home (13.01.17)  
By Freddie

Baby Babble (20.01.17) 
By James

Using capital letters (27.01.17)
By Lacey