Friday, 6 February 2015

Winter walk 6th February

Winter Walk

One of our topics in Science is seasonal changes. Last term we went on a walk around the village looking for signs of Autumn. Today we went in search of signs of Winter. 
Children made some interesting observations and they supported each others learning by explaining reasons for their observations. 

 We needed to be wrapped up warm, with a hat, scarf, gloves and coat, so that we would keep warm on our walk.
 All the leaves have disappeared from the trees, apart from the evergreen trees!
 We found a thin layer of ice on the bike shed.
 The ground felt hard. The children suggested that this was because it was so cold that it was frozen.
 There was ice in the tyres!
Miss Roberts was very brave to hold up the ice so that everyone could see it.

 The play equipment felt slippery because of the thin layer of ice.

It was very cold, we were glad to get into the warm classroom.  

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Victorians trip 4th February 2015

Today we went to the education centre at St Albans Abbey for two workshops. The first was a Victorian Classroom and the second was Victorian toys.

Arriving at the Abbey

Victorian Classroom
The children began in part of the church that use to be a Victorian school. They compared what it looks like now with what it looked like in Victorian times.

Then they went to another room where a Victorian Classroom had been created. Before the children could enter the classroom, they had to get a Victorian penny to hand into the headmaster!

The children had to sit in lines. The boys sat on one side and the girls on the other. 

 The children had to have a hand inspection, to make sure their hands were clean. They all passed!

 The children had to sit up straight, look forward and concentrate on what the teacher was saying.
This is an example of a very straight back. 

 The monitors had to give out the slates for the children to write on.
Instead of PE, the children had to participate in a drill. Here they are marching on the spot. 

Victorian Toys
 After lunch, the children found out more about the toys that rich and poor children played with in Victorian times.

 Jacobs ladder
 Pin the tail on the donkey

 Gird and cleek

 cup and ball
 Finally the children made their own toy, which was a thaumatrope. A thaumatrope produces an optical illusion by the spinning of the card on some rope.

 It is a joy to say that all the children were engaged. They enjoyed their day and they were exceptionally well behaved.