Thursday, 19 October 2017

Conker fight day!!!

What an amazing end to an amazing half term. Mostly I'm grateful for how well the children conducted themselves during the conker session.

Kye - It was fun and we liked doing the swinging bit.

Lois - It was fun because we had to learn how to do something new.
Nathaniel - I loved doing the hitting bit, that was the best.
Adam A - It was funny when I knocked the conker off.
Lily - I like playing rock paper scissors to find out who goes first.
Noah - we had to bump our conkers together.
Adam R - my conker fell of the string.
Jennie - I liked when everyone got partnered up to play the game.
Millie - I liked getting my conker ready.

Here are some videos of us in action! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

We've had another go at mindfulness with the beans, this time with some added peas, butter beans and more red lentils.

Can you guess what we've made with our mindful beans?

 We put on some 'mindfulness music' and get sorting into groups. The volume in the classroom drops, which is something we have identified in PSHE lessons is what helps some of us to learn. Whereas some of us like to use ipads to help us learn and others like to practice more at home with big brothers and sisters, mums and dads.

In our RE session this week we learnt about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We learn "that Jewish people have a little celebration" (Safiyah) and "they have some drinks, also they have some fruit, which looked like a lemon" (Kye). "Then they dip the fruit into honey" (Lacey). They have this festival "because they were outside for 40 years" (Nathaniel). "They have to stay in the Sukkot for 7 days." (Adam R). Then we made a Suka which has to be "wooden on the side and plants on the top" (Lois), "so that you can still see the sky" (Kaysie). We made some leaves with things that we are thankful for written and drawn on them, Then later Mrs Ivory added them to the ribbons.

Then when we had made it we sat outside and had a little feast. 

Show and Tell

A budding young author, watch out for this missy on books in a store near you.

Adam A & Erin



Star Writer

Hello dad said Leila

not now Leila hello mum said Leila not
now Leila theres a monster under
the chair. The monster at Leila up. The 
monster went into the bed.

Thank you everyone at parents evening, it's been great to catch up and share all the lovely things your children are up to and the potential for this year :)

Have a great half term!!!