Thursday, 20 November 2014

Art Gallery 20th November

Art Gallery

The children enjoyed visiting the Art Gallery this afternoon. They particularly liked spotting their own painting and showing their friends.

Year 1 painted pictures based on the Autumn Garden by Van Gogh, as this linked to our science topic on seasonal changes.

They thought about the Autumn colours when they painted their pictures.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair

We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Fair tomorrow when you can buy the Hyacinth bulbs that the children planted.

Children in need 14th November

Children In Need
The children had fun coming to school dressed up as a character from a book.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

4th November 2014

I am pleased to see that the children have returned to school rested and enthusiastic to learn.

Christmas fair
Just before the holiday the children planted a Hyacinth bulb which they will be selling at the Christmas fair on Saturday 15th November. We hope you will all come and buy them.

We are learning about Guy Fawkes this week!

Our English topic this week is recounts and I am encouraging the children to use time connectives such as:  first, then, next after that and  finally. They were very keen to share some of their holiday adventures with us as they practised using the time connectives in a speaking and listening lesson.
They will be writing a recount about the Gun Powder plot later in the week.

In Maths we have started a topic on time. We have been ordering the days of the week and months of the year.

The children need to be able to spell all the days of the week by the end of Year 1. They know that they must start with a capital letter and they are developing ways of remembering how to spell them.

For children that can write all the days of the week correctly they will be awarded a house point if they come and see me.

In Science we have been sorting objects, using our findings from our Autumn walk.

 The children painted some Autumn pictures using autumnal colours. They used Van Gogh's painting Autumn Garden as a stimulus as well as their own knowledge of Autumn.