Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Watch out David Attenborough!!! Class 1 are after your job


Recently we've been researching about nocturnal animals. With the intention to become nature documentary presenters to share all the non-fictional information we know. 

Not only did class 1 present the nature show, they filmed it and found suitable videos for the backing. David's whole crew had better watch out!!!


We've had tons of fun in maths, measuring the mass/weight of objects in a variety ways.
Using a homemade scale to compare weights

"My shark weighs more than the seal"

Ben told me his potato was the heaviest!


If I put a potato in the red bucket, what will happen?
Using non-standard units of measurement such as marbles to measure how heavy fruit and veg is.


Then we moved onto standard gram weights.


"Oh now it's too heavy, I'm going to switch this 20g for a 10g instead. So the apple weights 30g"
 Next stop length.



In PE we were interpreting the music into movement. For songs such as Flight of the Bumblebee in contrast to The Nutcracker. The Archie found the first piece as 'fast and busy'. Some did 'very quick feet' like Matei, whereas Ella 'buzzed about like a bee'. This was very different to the graceful movements of Oliver and Chloe to The Nutcracker. Then Reuben noticed 'it changed to marching, so I did a soldier move'.
It was very interesting what imagery the music conjured in their minds. Such as the fire alarm, a stampede or princesses and princes, soldiers marching on the moon, a magical kiss changing a frog back into a man.

Art Gallery

Finally the paintings are back and don't they look MARVELLOUS!!!

Sharing Assembly

As you know we had our sharing assembly. It went so well and I'm extremely pleased with everyone! I wanted to say thank you for putting in the hard work at home to perfect their lines.