Tuesday, 19 December 2017


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So a whole term complete. A lot of learning done, by the children and adults. We've performed the socks off of a midwife crisis. They've produced some amazing pieces of writing so far and made a real move towards becoming more fluent in numbers.

"See you next year!" and the kids go...

I love saying that.

Mrs Ivory, Mrs Baker, Mrs Brewis, Mrs Woolard and I just wanted to say thank you for all the marvelous gifts you produced this week. Very thoughtful and generous, wow!
Speaking of presents... I have something to confess about. I did get a little gift for all of the reading mums, but when it came to dismissing the children I completely forgot... ooops. So I'll be sure to hand them out at the start of the spring term. Sorry.

Last year I started using a maths app called prodigy with my class. It's like a pokemon/adventure game where children have to answer maths questions to battle little monsters. I can set the topic and level of questions. Then afterwards it forms a report and a leader table, which is just a bit of fun for me, no pressure. If you have some time to kill over the holidays, give it a try. This is not a mandatory homework task, just a bit of learning fun.

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You can also access it online at this link. Be aware it does ask you to join a membership, this adds no benefit to the game and all features are available on the free version. Enjoy!

Here are your logins:

You know what I will set homework, you all have to eat at least 1 piece of chocolate or treat in return for doing a good deed for someone else. Such as tidying your room or sharing a toy with someone or leaving mum to enjoy her Christmas chocolates and magic water.

Have a lovely Christmas holidays and I will see you in the new year!

Friday, 15 December 2017


Well, I'm sure you will all be glad to know that I found my iPad cable. Just in time to upload a bunch of stuff from the school play :) And some other things that have been trapped on there.

Christmas Production

This week, months of preparations came to a head. Hours of practicing lines at home, perfecting expression and organising who should be coming onto the stage when and then where to be standing on the stage at which moment. It's been exhausting for the children and the staff. Especially Mehde looking after those kings.

But the way they pulled it off made it entirely worth it. 


We kicked off the singing with What a Commotion.

My favourite moment from the performances was when Steve was unsure about if it was Miss Carr who had a brilliant idea or if it was him that should be having the brilliant idea to go and follow the star. 
Miss Carr: Donny-Lee, I've got a brilliant idea, boss.
Steve: Have you? Go on then Miss Carr...
Miss Carr: NO! You have the brilliant idea, that's your next line.

 "But nobody ever listens to a donkey!"
Maybe if Midwife would have listened to Steve she would have made it on time with fewer catastrophes.

Then the kings came along and we sang Wise Men Are We.

This year we took some risks, that completely paid off by having more Year 1 children with vital roles. We have some budding actors and actresses which makes me very hopeful for next year's production.

"If only we had a sign" enter a flock of angels for God's Messengers 
Baby Angel on Samsung Experience 8.5 (Galaxy Note S8)Baby Angel on Samsung Experience 8.5 (Galaxy Note S8)Baby Angel on Samsung Experience 8.5 (Galaxy Note S8)Baby Angel on Samsung Experience 8.5 (Galaxy Note S8)Baby Angel on Samsung Experience 8.5 (Galaxy Note S8)

Even the sheep tried to help, but Midwife was having none of it so let's sing a song about it.

Having a costume fail here? Or are you playing peek-a-boo? 

 Ah, there you are Joseph. Never work with animals or children. However It's these little moments that get the most chuckles, even more so than the scripted jokes.

How beautiful was the Star solo, hands up if you needed a tissue? Mission accomplished 

Then a song to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus

If you missed the afternoon showing you missed a performance that lived up to the name of the first song, what a commotion! 

Miss Carr and I are so proud of the children, their hard efforts have resulted in a great show which I've only heard positive feedback about. Mostly their resilience and stamina to keep performing the same songs over and over, listening to the same lines and standing and sitting down, up and down, up and down (who needs squats when you can be a part of a Christmas play?) They put blood, sweat, and tears into the show (and that was mostly Freddie from year 2). I have checked with him, he's fine and bounced back for the evening show. 

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Well done to Ottie, Aaron, Kye, Nathaniel, Noah, and Lacey for taking on speaking roles.
Now that Year One has had a taster of the real stage they're eager for next year's play. I've already had requests for speaking parts in the next one. I can't wait... I may start looking at 'out of the ark' to see what's on offer :)

I guess now I'll have to start listening to the radio again in my car and retire my copy of the Midwife Crisis CD. They were catchy eh? You are welcome.


In preparation for the play we've been linking our learning to performing. We have been reading poems and nursery rhymes then performing them to each other.


Every day we have been doing an online advent calendar, using Santa Tracker. Each day a new game or video is added to Santa's Village. Today as a little treat we used our computing slot to have a play on the games.

Games such a Translations - where you can learn about seasonal phrases in different languages.

Code Lab - Learn how to input simple coding - a skill we will be using in the summer term with bee bots and other coding software such as scratch and scratch jr.

Penguin Dash - A very challenging game, where you need to use directional buttons to guide a penguin along an ice track, collecting presents along the way to the finish line. A game which Jack has mastered already!

Santa Selfie - A class favourite. Decorate his beard and hair. Spray it. Shave it. hang baubles from it. then give it a blow dry to finish off. If you cut off too much, use the miracle grow aftershave to grow it back.

Santa Tracker - And when it gets to Christmas Eve you can track Father Christmas' journey around the world so we can see him dropping off presents to Leila in Australia before we go to sleep.


We were treated to a performance by one of the Year 3 Children, Sophie. Sophie has been learning the trumpet this year, started in September and already has the confidence to perform for the WHOLE SCHOOL! When this young lady was in Year 1 she was polite, quiet and shy. (Her mum will agree with me.) She started her journey to becoming this confident girl in Year 1 and it's beautiful to see how much she's grown. 

A trombone

One and a half days left! Well done, we've made it a whole term. Thank you for your support :)

Can you please bring in a named bag so that we can empty trays and bring home extra pieces of bulky work. Thank you.