Monday, 16 May 2016

How lucky are we in year 1

Wednesday we were visited by a real Iron Age Druid! 
We made dragon eyes by weaving wool around 2 sticks and then whispered wishes into them.

He showed us how to make Celtic paintings with swirly patterns on them.

Julia Donaldson played a massive role in our week for learning about one poet. I would like to thank everyone who brought in books for the day as it meant each child was able to have a read of a variety of her books with different levels of difficulty. The thing that impressed me the most about the day was how well everyone worked in pairs, reading and sharing their ideas about rhyming words and the events in the stories. It was really heart warming to watch.

Finally we picked our favourite Julia Donaldson book as a class and learnt parts of it off by heart.
Part 1 - Fox
Part 2 - Owl
Part 3 - Snake

Alfie noticed this morning that there was a whole new creature in our little classroom pond. However when we discussed it with the whole class we decided that some "metamorphosis" had happened over the weekend. Our Damselfly nymph has grown into a Damselfly.

We've been throwing some shapes in the classroom

Year One have been learning about 3D shapes in maths this week.

First we found the different faces of 3D shapes. Messy business, but nobody complained about that.

Then we built 3D shapes by making vertices of play dough and edges of wooden sticks. This was very challenging but we persevered and succeeded.

Also we are very lucky to have some new members of the class. I'm not talking about Kayden and Bailey. Check it out!

Next week we're going to investigate what mini beasts we can find in there. I'll keep you posted with what we find.

I was having technical difficulties uploading these videos, but I have managed to add in our stories about not letting the pigeon do things. Here are some of the pupil's stories. Look out for how expressive they are starting to become.