Wednesday, 26 March 2014

24th March 2014

The children in Year 1 have had another busy term. This is a glimpse of some of the things the children have done.

We took a cross curricular approach to making pancakes. The children made the batter mixture in their maths lesson and then cooked them as part of D&T. Then in the afternoon they learnt about shrove Tuesday from an RE perspective.  We put sugar and lemon on them. They were delicious! Not all children had eaten pancakes before, so it was a new experience for some!
The children cooked their own pancakes. They kept a close eye on them as they were cooking and decided when they needed to be turned. They learnt about the safety issues of cooking on a hob with a  frying pan.



The children had fun sharing what they had learnt in History with their parents, through a sharing assembly.

 They sang a song about Grace Darling

They acted out the story of Grace Darling

The children showed their wonderful telescopes that they made.

As part of our science week the children observed materials closely by using an easy scope, which is an electronic, easy to use microscope. They discovered that by using a microscope they could see things that they couldn't see with their own eyes. For example There were lots of  holes in cork, plastic lids had little bumps on them and fabric had lots of holes in it.

This week in English the children performed poems about worms. They seemed to have fun but what was wonderful, was how well every child participated. They used clear voices, expression, actions and worked well in groups. Mrs Freer was really proud! As a reward we went out into the garden to dig for worms!

We found one!