Friday, 18 November 2016

Wow... it's been a while and a lot has happened


We have learnt soooo much about money and had fun doing it. 

Whilst learning about money we found out the value of each coin.

We added coins together to make an amount to buy teddies and other toys. 

We counted in groups of 10 1ps to find a total of the lunch money Mrs Virji asked us to count.

Then she gave us some more coins, which we needed to separate into the different denominations before we could sort them into groups of 10. Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, 50s, and 100s. Tricky stuff! 

We found different ways to make 10p using numicon.  

Then we had our trip to the sweet shop. With our 20ps in hand we set off to the village shop to apply our hard work all week on money.

Who would have thought Freddos are 25p now?! In my day.....

We gathered for a class photo under the memorial shelter in rememberance of the solidiers from Sandridge who gave their lives.

and treacle the cat escorted us all the way back to school.

After money we moved onto capacity, which is, "how much liquid something can hold," says Lacey.

To start things off we made our own measuring jugs by filling up a bottle, one test tube at a time and then marked on the side where it was filled up to. So that when we hung them outside to become rain gauges we could say there has been 5 test tubes full of rain fallen. 

Then we moved onto measuring the capacity of some yogurt pots, because Miss Morris loves yogurt and she wanted to know which yogurt pot gave her the most. Some of the pots looks deceiving. They were "tall and skinny" but some were "short and wide". We investigated which one had the most capacity. 

Isla recounted that "First we filled the syringe with water. Then put it into the pot. Next we would fill it [syringe] up again. I counted that the tall pot could hold 15."

 Guess how many syringes it took to fill this yogurt pot?
A: TEN!!!!!!!!

These girls worked as a great team to figure out the capacity of these yogurt pots. 

Then the whole class put in some elbow grease to get the tables dry again.

Uh oh, disaster struck!!! Miss Morris had a sore throat. She needed water quick! The most water, but which cup would give her the most water?
The tall cup A.
The fat cup B.
The wide cup C.

We made some predictions, 22 of us choosing cup A because it was so tall, surely that was the cup with the most capacity.

But just to be sure we filled each cup 1 syringe full at a time, counting as we went.

Would you have guessed, all 3 cups had the same capacity.


For remembrance day we wrote poppy poems looking at similies and vocabulary that was red, just like the poppies. 

Once we had written our own versions of the poem we mashed it all together and made one massive poppy poem.

Then we moved onto take one book. Focusing on We're Going on a Lion Hunt, which is an adaptation of the very popular We're Going on a Bear Hunt. With the hope to create our own animal hunt.

After reading both books a few times and seeking out the differences between the two books we started to plan for our own version. 

To do so we started to think about what sounds we would hear if we went on an animal hunt set at school. Time to wack on the red ears. (I've seen these hidden in a cupboard for a whole year and wanted a reason to use them. Finally!)

 (Not a pout, caught mid whooooosh of the wind)

 I can hear the leaves rustle rustle.

 Is that a dab?

 I can hear the ladies tap tap tapping on their keyboards.

 click click whurrr goes the photocopier.

 I can hear children chatter natter in their classrooms.

 I can hear the cars whizzing past.

 These autumn leaves go crinkle crinkle in my fingers.



 I can hear the pitter patter of our feet in the hall.

 The tables go clang bang as they are opened.

 Suits you.

 I can hear my feet squelching in the wet grass.

Even Miss Roberts got in on the listening for sounds.

Oh no, a deep dark computer cave! Can't go over it. Can't go under it......
....It's a Panda!!! Quick back to the classroom and don't forget to shut the door behind you.

The children seem very into this topic and should produce some amazing stories as a result.

Oliver and Mehde (21.10.16)
Theo and Scarlet M (04.11.16)
Molly and William (11.11.16)
Bella and Lucia (18.11.16)

Neat Presentation 
Emily (21.10.16)
Lacey (04.11.16)
Small one (11.11.16)
Freddie (18.11.16)

Star Writer 

Edward (21.10.16)
Phoenix (04.11.16)
Toby (11.11.16)

Chloe (18.11.16)

By Edward

By Phoenix

By Toby

By Chloe