Monday, 15 February 2016

The wind changed direction, but our faces didn't stick that way.


This week we put on our silly hats to write funny poems. We made different faces and brainstormed adjectives to describe the faces; to help us come up with ideas for our poems later.
"This is my pumpkin face." The other children described it as scared, shocked, ghostly and surprised.

 "I'm making a happy face." The other children described it as smiley, joyful and pretty.

"If I hold my breath I make a red face."  The other children described it as angry, scary, weird and freaky.

"I can make a silly face, like thi-sh." The other children described it as creepy, funny, toothy and spooky.
With all these wonderful silly faces we were able to come up with words that rhymed with them to make a string of rhyming words for our poetry. Such as.....

I can make a smiley face, a pretty face and a happy face.
I can make a blossom face, a glitter face and a glimer face.

I can make a silly face, a chilly face, a frilly face.
can make a cheeky face, a squeaky face, a peaky face.

I can make a happy face, a spooky face, an angry face.
I can make a joyful face, a painful face, a playful face.                              Written and typed by Chloe, Sophie and Abigail.


We finished off our unit of money by setting up a Toys R Us shop.

Half of the class were customers with a purse full of money burning holes in their pockets and the other half were shop assistants, fully trained to check the full amount was paid.  

"Just one more penny please."
 "I bought 2 things with my money."

"37p?! let me see if I have enough."
Somebody looks happy with her purchase.
"That will be 26p please."
Lots of bargains to be had! "It only costs 5p!"


We tested a variety of objects to see if they would sink or float. We made predictions first, using the knowledge we had about their materials and properties.

Kara suggested that her rock would sink because it was heavy. James thought "my blue ball will float, because it is made of plastic and plastic is waterproof." Whereas Ava's cloth was "made of fabric, and that's absorbent and will sink."

Not all of our predictions were correct, such as the floating orange. The purpose of science is to test theories and find out new things. It wouldn't be learning if we knew everything already.

Design Technology

To round off the last day of half term we tested our paper straw bridges to see if we had made them strong enough to carry a load.
 We used rulers to make sure our bridges were accurately built to the blueprints.

 We made strong structures by making a ladder.

Then made beams to go diagonally across to make a triangle shape, which is the strongest shape. We saw it in lots of different structures like the Eiffle Tower.

It took lots of team work and sharing out jobs.

After 2 weeks of building they were ready for testing.
Once all of the bridges were complete we tested them until destruction. By placing on a beanbag at a time to find out which was the most structurally sound, by being able to hold the most bean bags.


Chloe, Matei, Rachel, Griff and Summer - 12 beanbags


Kara, Anna, Gwennie and Ryan - 19 beanbags


 Ella, Estelle, Owen and Megan - 19 beanbags


 Reuben, Oliver, Ben, Simian and Alfie - 15 beanbags 


Sophie, Archie, Ava, James and Abigail - 19 beanbags

Then made a table to display our results.

I hope everybody has a lovely half term and I will see you on Monday 22nd February, fresh and ready to learn more exciting things!!!