Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Hello New Year Ones!!!!

We've had a lovely first two days. Everyone has settled in well to their new classroom with no tears or worries.

Just see what we've remembered over the holidays, we've been talking, drawing and writing about things we have done over the Summer Holidays.

Florence wrote about her trip to the swimming pool. She can now touch the bottom with her hand.

Max E wrote about his visit to the beach, where he collected shells and a rock.

Michael C has enjoyed riding his bike.

Indiah went to the beach and went swimming. We noticed that something was missing from the end of her sentences, but with a little edit she's now fixed her full stops.

Chloe tried her best to keep her writing in the teeny weeny lines we use in Year One.

Marius enjoyed his splash at the splash park.

Elizabeth came running over to me, "Miss Morris!!!! I read my work back and I've missed a word out!!!" With a little arrow we added in 'to'. Good job for noticing.

We're recapping numbers in maths. So far Miss Morris has been impressed with Year 1's counting, representing numbers in different ways and writing 1 digit numbers.

Here we are showing numbers in different ways.

 Making 4 using numicon,



 and counters.
 Making 10 using bead strings
"two lots of 10 makes 20"

 This table shared their sticks so that they could show 10. 

"I made my 9 sticks into a bucket."

Making use of the new carpet we played a game of race to the number.

We started thinking about our new science topic on Tuesday; animals including humans. To start off we looked at humans and parts of our bodies. After a couple rounds of heads, shoulders, knees and  toes we were ready to do some labelling of a willing subject.

James was inspired to draw some pictures of skeletons, of humans and animals. Then told us all about what ribs are and where you can feel them on your own body. 

My favourite thing about science is the discussions we have in Year One, and I can tell already that this year is going to be another good year for science chat. We kicked off the lesson talking about a shell that Fred and Annabelle had found on the field. After Fred decided I was being silly for suggesting that it was a seashell or a cow shell, we decided it was more likely to be the shell of a chicken or a black bird or crow chick. Then we opened it up, what other animals do we know that come from shells. They came up with lizards, snakes, dinosaurs and Joel even suggested frogs, "Their eggs are like jelly". Rock on this year!